Volunteers BIFF 2017

This form is for volunteers at BIFF 2017.
Om du ønsker informasjon på norsk sender du en mail til frivillig@biff.no

Please sign up if you want to work with us during this year’s festival and we will contact you with more information.

After filling out the form you will receive a mail asking you to subscribe to a list, say ‘yes’ to this. If you for some reason haven't been contacted by the volunteer coordinator directly by the start of September, please let us know by sending a mail to frivillig@biff.no  
BIFF is the largest film festival in Norway with over 57 000 visits during last year’s festival and more than 160 feature film screenings. This was only possible with the help of our volunteers, so please join us this year and get a great week filled with awesome people and as much film screenings as you can manage. Rumor has it that some volunteers manage to watch up to 60 films during the festival. If you can’t beat them, join them!
As a volunteer you will:
  • Work between 20-25 hours during the festival period (26.09-04.10)
  • Get a festival t-shirt (this t-shirt must only be worn during the festival while you are working)
  • Get a free meal during your shifts
  • Attend the volunteer party after the festival
  • Gain special insight into the festival and be part of a big hardworking and creative team
  • Your reward will be a festival wristband that gives you free admission to all regular screenings and most events hosted by BIFF.
Please pay attention to all the information given to you before and during the festival, regarding your work description, schedule and information about the festival.

  • CINEMA HOST: You will work at one of our locations (Magnus Barfot, USF Verftet, Konsertpaleet or other) with checking tickets and cleaning theatres.
  • EXHIBITION HOST: Be present at our art exhibitions and help out with preparation of installations and guide the audience.
  • SHIFT MANAGER: Be the contact person at Magnus Barfot with responsibility of the volunteers at Magnus Barfot. You will work in teams of two for this job and prior volunteer experience at BIFF is preferred.
  • RUNNER: You will be situated at our festival hotel (Scandic Bergen City) where you will be available to the staff during your shift to help out with whatever comes up (deliver movies, help arrange events etc.) (The volunteer must have local knowledge about Bergen)
  • ACCREDITATION STAND: You will work at our accreditation stand at the festival hotel (Scandic Bergen City) where you will meet and greet with our festival guests, volunteers and industry guests. (You must speak Norwegian and English) 
  • INFORMATION STAND: You will be working at our stand at Magnus Barfot where you will be available to our audience for questions. You will also be responsible for distribution of information during the festival (cancellations, schedule changes, location changes etc.) 
  • DRIVER: You will drive our international guests to events and help out with events.
  • DISTRUBUTION: You will work before and during the festival with distribution of catalogues and pamphlets, and hanging up posters. You will be working on a rotating schedule in teams. (The volunteer must have local knowledge about Bergen)
If you do not show up for a shift without notice, or in any other way do not comply with regular working rules and regulations, we will revoke your festival pass. Please read through the contract: 

If you have any questions please contact our volunteer coordinator at frivillig@biff.no, tlf 922 43 466, or write them down in the sign-up form.
We’re looking forward to working with you!
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Are there any days between 19.09 and 29.10 you can NOT work. And are there any time during the days (weekend or weekdays) you can NOT work?
If you have worked for BIFF before: When and with what? All: Do you have other related experiences? Do you have any food allergies or other special needs? (max 250 characters, if it's longer please send a mail)